School Rules & Expectations
School Rules
School rules apply at all times in and around the campus, and in other places where students are under the supervision of a CHSAS staff member. Consideration for others will guide personal conduct. The rights, privileges, dignity and safety of others will serve as criteria by which personal behavior will be evaluated. The Student Code of Conduct will be followed in all matters concerning discipline. Copies are distributed to all students. It is the responsibility of parents and students to read this document.
Identification Cards
Students must display ID’s upon entering the building and at all times while in the building. Any student entering the building without an ID will be required to purchase a temporary ID for $1 or a replacement ID for $5. Any student found without an ID after the start of second period will be issued a detention. IDs must be surrendered upon the request of a staff member.
Food and beverages may not be removed from the cafeteria. Food cannot be delivered to the school from restaurants during student lunch periods. Cakes/Cupcakes, etc, are not to be brought to school.
Closed Campus
No student is permitted to leave the school property at any time during the school day unless under direct supervision of a staff member. Lunch is available in the cafeteria or students may bring lunch.
The building will be cleared within 10 minutes of the final daily bell. Students participating in after-school activities must leave school at the conclusion of the activity. No student may be in the building unless under the direct supervision of a staff member. Students waiting for a ride may wait in the vestibule at the main entrance. Students will not be allowed to return to the building. Loitering on school grounds will not be permitted. All students must be off the campus by 3:00 p.m. unless participating in a school sponsored activity.
Locks & Lockers
Lockers must be locked at all times. Only CHSAS distributed locks are permitted. Combinations should be kept private and locks should be closed properly. Lockers are the property of the school and may be searched at any time. Locks will be placed on any locker without a lock and a fee will be applied. Do not leave valuables in lockers. Replacement locks can be issued immediately in the main office. It is the responsibility of the student to remove all items from lockers by the designated date in June. Any personal items left in lockers after the June clean-out day will be disposed.
Students and visitors are only allowed to park in the parking lot north of the building. Cars must be parked within the boundaries of one parking space as defined by the yellow parking lines. Parking in the lot is a privilege which may be revoked for any unsafe behavior.
Parents are welcome at CHSAS. All visitors must sign in at the main entrance security station and then report directly to the main office. All visitors are subject to a security check (metal detector screening) when entering the building. Teachers should not be interrupted during class; all conferences should be scheduled in advance and take place during the teachers’ planning periods.
Cell Phones and Electronic Handheld Devices
Cell phones, iPOD’s and other handheld electronic devices are not allowed to be used or seen in school. Any phone or devise that is on, heard or seen will be confiscated. If an item is confiscated, it must be picked up by a parent. The second time, the student will be subject to discipline under the CPS Student Code of Conduct.