We expect all students to be punctual and attend every class. In the event of illness, the parent must call the attendance office by 7:30 a.m. on the day of absence at 535-2503 to report the absence. Upon return, the student must present a note signed by the parent or guardian giving the date(s) and the reason for the absence and contact information including a number where the parent can be reached during the school day to verify the cause of absence. Failure to provide it will result in an unexcused absence. Students seeking a reinstatement should report to the attendance office by 7:30 a.m., in order to be on time for their first class. Students who receive excused absences are given the opportunity to make up work; those with unexcused absences are not given the same privilege. Absences exceeding 3 days should be explained by a doctor’s note. Illinois State Statute recognizes only three valid excuses for student absences: illness, death or family emergency and observance of established religious holiday.

Tardiness is disruptive to everyone in the educational process. Students who are tardy to first period must report to the attendance office for a tardy slip and proceed immediately to class. Students will receive a lunch detention if they are tardy. Any student in the hallway with out a pass after the bell (including lunch periods) will be issued a detention. It is the student’s responsibility to get a pass from a teacher before leaving the classroom.

Detentions are given for tardies, cuts and various behavior problems during school. Detentions are posted weekly at the security desk and lunchroom. All students should check the detention list for their name on a weekly basis. Hour-long detentions are served Monday - Friday immediately after school in the detention room. Failure to serve detention in the assigned week will result in a 4 hour Saturday detention. Repeated detentions and/or in-school suspensions may result in out of school suspension
Early Dismissals
In order for a student to obtain an early dismissal, the parent must report to the main office. Guardianship must be verified before a child is released to an adult. A student will only be dismissed to an adult who is listed on the emergency form on file in the main office. No child will be released on his/her own.
Students whom are absent from school or class without a legitimate reason are considered truant. When a student acquires 5 unexcused absences a letter notifying the parent of the situation will be mailed home. Ten unexcused absences will generate a second letter mailed home. After 18 unexcused absences a letter will be sent home and the case will be passed along for adjudication by the Chicago Board of Education. The Department of Chronic Truant Adjudication may refer the matter to the Office of Cook County State’s Attorney for prosecution under the provision of section 3-33 of the Juvenile Court Act of 1987, 705 ILCS 405/3-33 and section 5/26-10 of the Illinois School Code.