Academic Counseling
Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences
Guidance Department
The mission of the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences Guidance Department is to foster the educational, career, personal, and social development of all students.   Partnerships between counselors, parents, teachers, administrators, students and the community are vital to this missions.
What are School Counselors?
School counselors are professionals that help students deal with academic, career, social and emotional development.  They work with teachers, administrators, school staff members, families, and members of the community to form a team that supports all students.  They provide leadership in the areas of advocacy and mediation and are available to coordinate programs to meet these ends.

When can students meet with a School Counselor?
Students may meet with a School Counselor h before school, after school or during their lunch period.  Students who have an emergency may report directly to the counselor.  Parents are welcomed and encouraged to contact the Counselors to discuss their child's status.
  • Mr. Samer Abdallah (School Counselor) may be reached at 773.535.0295 or
      Advisory- 9th Grade- 101-103; 107                             Advisory-  10th Grade 901- 903
      Advisory- 10th Grade- 001-003                                   Advisory-   11th Grade 801-803

  • Ms. La Shawndra Pointer (School Counselor) may be reached at 773.535.2516  or    
      Advisory- 9th Grade- 104-106                                      Advisory- 10th Grade 904-906
      Advisory- 11th Grade- 004-007                                    Advisory- 12th Grade  804-806
How can students meet with the School Counselor?
  • Student self referral
  • Staff referral
  • Parent referral
  • Referred by a friend
What about confidentiality?
Confidentiality is an important aspect of the school counseling relationship.  This means that all information that is shared with the counselor is confidential, and will not be shared with others.  An exception to confidentiality is made when a student is a threat to themselves or others.