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Parking Permit Application

Applications can be handed into the main office.

Parking Pass Fees: $75.00 for Year

All policies must be adhered to or the parking pass will be revoked.

Parking on campus is a privilege. Vehicles that have not been registered will be towed.


  • Parking passes must be displayed on the inside, right window above the city sticker.

  • Any student parking in the visitor designated parking spots will be towed.

  • CHSAS assumes no responsibility for damage to cars while in the parking lot.

  • No loud music, no loitering on or in cars before or after school, or no speeding is allowed. These actions may result in a loss of the parking permit.

  • Violation of driving and parking lot rules will result in disciplinary action and/or loss of the parking permit.

  • No student is allowed to park in the back faculty parking lot.