Graduation Requirements

Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences Curriculum

First Year 7.0 units for all
English I (1)
Biology (1)
Algebra (1)
Ag Careers & Leadership I (1)
Civics/Agricultural History (1)
Art (1)
Physical Education (1)

Second Year 7.0 units for all
English II (1)
World Studies/AP Human Geography (1)
Geometry (1)
Chemistry (1)
Intro to Ag Science (1)
STEM Technology (1)
Physical Education with Drivers Educaiton (1)

Third Year 7.0 units for all
English III/ AP English Language and Composition (1)
US History/AP United States History (1)
Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry/Dual Credit Math 143 (1)
Agricultural Career Pathway I (2)
Physics (1)
Spanish I (1)
Physical Education (1)

Fourth Year 7.0 units for all
English IV (1) Dual Credit English 101 and 102 (1)
Spanish II/AP Spanish Language and Culture (1)
AP Environmental Science/ Forensic Science (1)
Agricultural Career Pathway II (2)
Transitional Math(1) / Dual Credit 143 or 207(1)
AP Studio Art 2-D Design(1)/Art II(1)

EARNED HONORS courses are offered in all core curriculum courses. AP courses along with Dual Credit courses in partnership with the City Colleges of Chicago are also offered.

Note: Each student is also required to spend two summers on campus. Incoming freshman complete a one week program called Freshman Connections and one summer after ninth grade for a SAEP (1/2 unit). SAEP is (Supervised Agricultural Experience Program).