School History & Overview
The Chicago Board of Education created the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences in July, 1984, and in September, 1985, we opened our doors as the newest high school in the Chicago Public Schools, attracting students from all parts of the city.
This school was established at a time of great concern about the future of agricultural education and the agricultural industry in general. There is a nationwide effort underway to broaden the scope of teaching in and about agriculture beginning at the kindergarten level and extending through adulthood. At the high school level, there is strong interest in shifting the curriculum toward agribusiness and plant and animal sciences. Too few agricultural college graduates are available to fill the need for new professionals in agricultural science and business.
Our school, the only one of its kind in the Midwest, offers a unique opportunity to urban students who are talented in science and mathematics. Colleges and universities are already making scholarship offers to qualified students graduating from our school. Summer employment opportunities are available for any student interested in exploring various jobs in agribusiness and agriscience. Summer internships at the University of Illinois and Michigan State University are another important feature of our program. These experiences help students discover their interests, aptitudes and abilities, while at the same time teaching them proper work habits and attitudes.
The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences is being looked at as a model for schools of this kind in other cities across the country. Our school serves as a model not only for its innovative curriculum, but also for dropout prevention and exceptional student motivation. We combine an academic learning environment with hands-on practice in a way that maximizes student success. CHSAS is a public school with a private school feeling. So, welcome to our school!